I would emphasise how carefully and thoroughly you ensure close fidelity to the original, respecting the special requirements of botanical art of accurate colour rendering. The precise matching of the background paper colour... Also the care you take in cleaning up the unwanted marks and smudges to ensure a clean image. And how promptly you do the work and such excellent value (...I wouldn't emphasise your inexpensive prices as I'm sure you ought to charge much more for all the time you put into the jobs done!)

Gillian Barlow

Hawk printing are a real pleasure to deal with and their meticulous attention to detail and professional work means the printing they do for me remains at a very high standard. Their colour matching is so good that it is often difficult to tell the print from the original and they offer real value for money. Being able to order just one or two prints at a time is a real bonus for me as other companies often have a minimum print run too big for my needs or indeed pocket!

Belinda Noble